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Siegfried JAECQUES

Michiel MULIER


Catholic University of Leuven, BELGIUM


Abstract. The stability of an implant in bone is directly related to the quality of the contact at the bone-implant interface. The assessment of the primary stability of cementless implants still remains a subjective factor in total hip replacement (THR) and, as a consequence, the excessive press-fitting of a THR component can be the cause of intra-operative fractures. Objective information about the stability of implant-bone structures can be obtained using methods based on vibration analysis. After extensive in vitro studies a per-operative protocol was designed to detect the insertion endpoint and/or to assess the stability of custom made hip prostheses. The frequency response function evolution during the hip stem insertion in the femur was studied. The experiments were performed in per-operative conditions.


Keywords: cementless hip implant, implant-bone contact, implant stability, vibration analysis, frequency response function




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